August 29, 2008

Nicknames and Other Things

Once Upon a Time, Señor CC took a trip to Oslo, Norway.

As this was a business trip, Señora CC did not get to go.

Boooo. Hissss.

While there, he was invited to go on a boat trip in a fjord.

I love that word; it is fun to say.

It was the summer, so the fjord was full of water.

As opposed to ice, people. In the winter, they put markers out and drive across the fjords. On the ice. It is a much shorter trip than driving the curvy road that follows the fjord coastline. A much shorter trip on ice. Solid Ice.

No, I've never lived where it gets that cold, as I am sure you can tell. To me, this is a woah! and amazing! idea.

I don't get out much.

They didn't go too far from the city, but he was able to see a bit of the cliffs carved out by the glacier that formed the fjord:

In addition to being fed a very popular (in Norway at least) open-faced raw shrimp sandwich...with a strange mayonnaise on it...which really wasn't very popular, at least with my husband, he and a few others went swimming.

In the deep, cool waters of the fjord.

Apparently, they liked it:

Yes, I know. It was August, the height of summer. It was warm, at least for Norway. The top so many feet of water were warm. Below that, however...brrrrrr. Also: Helloooooo, sexy! Lemme see those muscles!

He went on the trip with all of these people:

Some of them took these photos. Thanks!

Aside from swimming, eating, and your usual frivolity, they saw this amazing boat:

The coast was lined with beautiful trees and many tiny boat houses.

Their trip lasted long enough that they were witnesses to a beautiful sunset:

Towards the end of the evening, this photo was taken:

A result of the camera attempting to function in too-little light...or a result of the day's activities?

We may never know.

Later that evening, Señor CC went out with a few of the guys. They had Oh-so-much-fun together. I am pretty sure shenanigans ensued. So much so that the following morning there may have been a little over-sleeping.


At one point, one of them asked how Señor CC was doing that in how was it when he woke up...

And he, in all of his ability-not-to-speak glory declared "I was up like a rocket!"

A rocket?


I'll give you a minute.

Incidentally, those of you who knew Señor CC in his college days are well aware of his propensity to use the word rocket. Rocket-Sled, anyone?

Due to his fabulous choice of words, he is now known by some only as Rocket Man.

I find that nickname superbly appropriate, since he loves the word and we live in Houston. Houston, we have a problem. I mean, could it get any better than that?

As for me, these days I am doing my best, Running on Fumes.

And although this is in large part because of Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl and Rocket Man, it is not those kind of fumes I am talking about people. Jeepers!

One thing is for sure:

I don't think any of us are going to be up like a rocket any time soon.


Jenky said...

Ah the rocket sled... How I remember thee. Genius struck, and it was born. Of course Wile E Coyote had it first (

BU said...

I bet you never thought you'd tag both Houston and Norway in a single post!