August 28, 2008

New Names for Señorita Clementina

The time has come.

We are no longer in lovely España.

I have decided that we need new blog names to reflect our current location and situation.

Granted, this one will always be Señorita Clementina to me because, as our Spanish landlords proudly declare: she was made in Spain. Hecho en España, for all of you Spanish speakers out there.

A recent visitor (Hi, Mom!) called her Little Miss Itty Bitty while she was here, and we like that name very much. It is easy to remember, it rolls off the tongue, and it is perfect for now, since she is currently Itty Bitty. With CAPS. Yes, her size shall change soon enough, but until then, I'm sure I'll occasionally refer to her as such. I'll use LMIB for short sometimes, so I hope you're paying attention!

Here is Little Miss Itty Bitty with She Who Named Her, Guga (pronounced like the Georgia Bulldogs mascot name, Uga, but with an extra G at the beginning. So...Guh-gah...NOT Goo-gah, Thank-You-Very-Much!), watching Olympic swimming and gymnastics:

Señor CC and I are going to be using a couple of humorous names, and LMIB needs one of those as well. Therefore, we shall combine her most frequent, innately driven activities with the fact that she was born in Texas.

She roots;

She toots.

Usually in that order, with a little feeding in between.

She was not born in Houston, so she is not a city girl.

Did I mention we're in Texas?

All of these facts combine for a fabulous new name:

Rootin' Tootin' Cowgirl


Brianne said...

Cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful smile! She is precious! Thanks for all you are doing for her!