February 13, 2008


A.K.A. My Last Post From Spain?

Howdy. I am practicing for our imminent return to the states and, more specifically, Texas. That's right. We're unfortunately leaving the wonderful country of Spain and are returning to Houston. When do we leave?

Ummm....this Friday.

Apologies for the late notice, but we've been a little busy.

How have we been busy, you ask? Well, there was a small thing, that is now a slightly larger but still small thing that began in September called pregnancy. Mine, not Señor CC's (thank goodness). We are expecting this phenomenon to end (the pregnancy), but not stop growing of course (the baby), in the first week of June. Or, at least, that is what La Doctora tells me.

Yes, I am aware that everyone thinks first babies are late. No, I don't need everyone to tell me that the uncomfortable-ness that comes at that point will most likely be extended, thanks.

Aside from that, we traveled a bit. Ha. A bit. We went to Milan in September, I got nauseous for October (what a fine thing to be), we flew to Paris in November and climbed the Eiffel Tower.

Yes, climbed. Pregnant, nauseous, climbing.

Good times.

And then came: The Great Divide

Señor CC was sent home for over a month in November. Oh. Joy. He then came home for less than a week and we went home for Christmas for a week at the end of which he was sent directly back to work away from home for two more weeks.

So, he missed all of my doctor appointments up until January. The Great Divide, indeed.

Since we've been back together, he's been working all hours of the day and night to transition and complete last tasks and I've been slowly but surely preparing for Move Version 2.00.8. We did get to drive up to Cordoba (see last post) in January for a day and we spent this past weekend in Seville for our last hurrah.

Movers came on Monday right after our return from Seville and they finished up today. In total, it took them just under six hours to do everything. We didn't have a lot of stuff.

As for those of you who may wish to contact us or who are waiting for a call from us - not going to happen. Our phones (Spanish and International) have been packed away and all we've got left is internet (woot for that) and Señor CC's cell phone.

Chompy-lones has been reunited with his kennel and has been making semi-frequent trips to it today to practice sitting/lying down in it and adjusting the towels for maximum comfort. He obviously doesn't remember what we are going to use it for...but that is of little importance. He'll know well enough come Friday.

I believe that is all for the news on our end. Was it better than the election coverage and/or Britney Spears fake-news? I hope so! I imagine this is my last post from Spain, though certainly not my last about Spain. I've still got lots to tell you. It should take me years to get it all out now that we'll be so busy.

Oh well, better busy than bored out of our minds.

Adios de España!
~ CC

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Brianne said...

Congrats! On the move, the pregnancy... everything! Let's hope not all first babies come late. I'm quite tired of hearing that myself.