December 15, 2013

Dancin' Queen

Like many children, our kids love to dance.  In fact, the docking station is a life saver most evenings as we use it while I prepare dinner.  Keeping the kids out of the kitchen and happily involved in something at that time is worth more than I can say.

Normally when E has a school performance, we hear all about it at home and see it many times prior to the event.  This year, I got a measly tidbit about which song her class was performing.  We looked it up one day online and that was that.

The school did a performance of Scrooge this December.  Each class had its moment on stage complete with singing and dancing.  E's class performed right after Scrooge's fiance tells him that she cannot marry him because all he cares about is money.

E is on the far right in the polka-dotted dress.  She is fond of telling everyone "I stealed the show!"; since I am her Mama, I most certainly have to agree!

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RETA said...

I "happened" upon this blogspot. How can there be no comments yet?! Your daughter is fantastic! She is REALLY GOOD! How adorable. She is confident - and I am certain she is destined for great things in her lifetime!