May 20, 2012

Give Me Something Good To Eat

Charlotte had her first "solid" food today.  I've waited until now because she has mad acid-reflux skillz.  The reflux situation is waaaay better than it used to be, but today after eating this she still refluxed (is that a word?  It is NOW) some of it while the eating went well, I don't know if we'll continue if the refluxing (see above) continues to be an issue.  I might just wait until it is gone so as to make things better for all of us...I mean, who wants to taste their food again ever?

Also, could I have used the term reflux any more in that paragraph?

Anyway, here's the evidence:

Completely unsuspecting.

Still doesn't know what hit her.

Hey, wait a second... 


Oh, no - more?!?

Dear Lord, give me strength.

Maybe it's not soooo bad.

I mean, if sister likes it...

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