July 22, 2010


...to my own little corner of Hades.*

The temps are down and the hinges won't singe you, but man oh man is it a torturous place to be.**

*Please do not misunderstand; we will eventually be glad to have our things...I'd say about a week or two after we've finally unpacked and found a place for it all. Until then, it is a rather unpleasant experience as any of you who have recently packed up your entire house and then unpacked it a few months later are well aware.

Unless of course you are a two-year-old. Then it is mighty exciting. And causes you to exclaim about boxes to everyone you see. Also, it may cause you to demand that boxes be opened right before bed as if we should continue doing so throughout the night. You might also deem it necessary to peer out the window in search of more "peoples" on a "big truck, Mama" to bring in more boxes...as if it will now happen every day just to entertain you. Let's not forget the fact that it is exceptionally overwhelming to open boxes with your own toys and things in them and this makes for a grumpy little kid.

So, yeah. The stuff is here. Whenever we get it all sorted, I'll finally post some photos of what our place really looks like. You know, now that it will feel more like our own.

**For those of you who feel inclined to declare that it is our own fault that we have to unpack again, since it is we who chose this life, please note that there is a bit of sarcasm in this post. Also of note is the fact that we are well aware of our choices because contrary to popular belief we do think them through and yes this is one of the things we deal with. It is absolutely worth it. It does not mean that we have to love this part.


Brianne said...

As fun as moving is (and I really do mean fun, I love re-locating, seriously, no sarcasm, how could I not? having married a sailor and all), the unpacking can be daunting. I spent way too many hours on my feet a month ago when we did our move and was about the same pregnancy stage as you. So watch out for sore feet and get your husband to rub them should you get a relaxing moment. Sorry the child is cranky and overwhelmed. I know that reaction all too well.... moving was stressful on N, as was the two weeks of family staying with us. Fortunately she's back to her wonderful self as I hope your daughter will be when this all settles.

Karen said...

Ahhhh, memories!!! Good Luck!