June 26, 2010


We started with our nanny this week. Galina is her name and so far things are going well. I mostly hung around the house the first day and put Miss Thing down for her nap myself, just to make things a little smoother. Then I left to go to AP's house to watch the final episodes of Grey's Anatomy. We missed a few when we were moving, so it was nice to see the ending. And might I add: Holy Drama, Batman!

Galina knows enough English that we can communicate enough to take care of things. She is also helping to teach me some Russian. It will be really nice when next week I start my own lessons. She is also very aware that I am pregnant and it appears that here in Russia, once a woman is pregnant, she is to do nothing. I got fussed at for carrying a shopping bag that had something light like toilet paper in it. Also for putting my child in her bed. And after she cleaned the downstairs on Thursday she informed me that I was not to use that vacuum. Not that I mind, since it is a terrible one, but her reasons were a bit different!

I came home from a morning shopping run on Thursday to this:

She loves her potato-head and apparently enjoys putting as many faces on there at a time as possible. Then again, I have had moments with her when she declares: "Need more kisses!" and then proceeds to put all of the Mrs. Potato Head lips on the thing as she can fit. It makes for an interesting looking potato...


Miss Thing is growing. The above is a photo from the first week in March. I may have been a tad remiss in taking photos between then and, well, forever. Moving overseas is a bit time-consuming, what can I say? Anyway, here is a photo from her birthday in late May:

A little different, yes?


Let's talk about eating for a moment. As in my child is an eater. Granted, she does go through phases as far as quantity, but that isn't really what I am talking about. Nope, what I would like to tell you all (and therefore jinx myself) is that she will now try anything. Oh, yes. And for the most part, she will eat anything. No longer do we look at food on our plate and declare "Nooo!" without even smelling it, much less tasting it.

These days she not only tastes everything, but for about three weeks has been eating tons of it all. Not to mention the fact that every time we visit someone else's house she proceeds to eat any and all food offered or spotted in the house. That one I could do without...

She's waned a bit in the eating tons department, but she will eat spicy food, veggies, noodles, hummus, and the list goes on. It is quite nice.

Here is something else she's started doing with Daddy:

I am very happy to be out of the land of chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Not that we don't miss those a bit, but at least I no longer have to worry about her eating or not eating.


On the pregnancy front, my belly is sticking our a little bit. Unless of course I eat something (methinks it is cooked red peppers or sauces made from same) that does not agree with me - then I suddenly look like I am three months further along. It usually lasts anywhere from two to seven days and is accompanied by a fantastic pain whenever I sit, bend, stand, or lie down. So you know, all the time. Excellent, indeed.


I think that is about it, really. OH. We are going to eat out. HOLY SMOKES, PINCH ME. Seriously, folks, we've been eating at our house since we arrived. Which has thrown me full-force back into the "I've gotta figure out what to cook every night of the week" routine that I am sure many of you already follow but that we, especially towards the end of moving, were not adhering to in the slightest. Now that I am into it a good six weeks it is not a huge deal, but at first with the jet lag and the pregnancy nauseousness and the "Now, where do I get [fill in the blank]?" -ness of it all it was...interesting. Plus, getting Rocket Man to COME HOME on time is always an issue. DUDE, WE NEED TO EAT. Anyway, we are going to an Indian restaurant this evening with another couple and their son, so it should be fun!


This wasn't very entertaining or anything. Apologies for that. At least the family can know a little more of what we are up to. I'll try to post some more this weekend!!

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Brianne said...

Good thing Galina is not my nanny; She would probably have me committed for unsafe pregnant practices.