August 13, 2009

12 of 12 August

Alternate Title: Shocker, I Know.

The rules for 12 of 12 are simple enough: 12 photos of your day on the twelfth of the month. The difficulty, at least for me, comes in actually taking the photos and/or managing to post them in a timely manner.

Shocker of all shockers, today I have succeeded.

Hence the alternate title.

Thanks to Chad Darnell for the idea and if you'd like to see others' 12 of 12 posts, head to his site for the list.

All photos were taken in Houston, Texas.

8:47 AM - Perpetual Motion, as the child is now called, made this mess in less than five minutes. The better to see the toys, muahaha.

8:49 AM - The two of them play best when I am not officially watching. Growls, squeals, scuffles and laughter lead to this photo. Sit, dogggie, I am snapping my finger at you, so sit!

9:34 AM - Why are we in the car so early? Rocket Man left his flash drive at home so we had to take it to him. At least she is finally in a forward-facing car seat. Hmmm...I think I like this view better.

11:02 AM - Library time! After some singing and reading, the toys and instruments come out. Shake, shake, shake Senora...

11:46 AM - I cut it up and she won't eat it. I hold the apple and she bites it, no dice: she spits it out. She holds it, and wa-la: the apple is swallowed. Mmm, crunchy.

4:09 PM - We are at the playground and this photo is awesome. It is now my desktop photo. I am so fly.

4:30 PM - Perpetual Motion really enjoys traversing the equipment at the playground. Today she insisted on taking her rake and shovel with her. Why? There's no telling...Take me to your leader.

6:00 PM - Dinner. Ready, aim, smoosh, slide, and into the mouth!

6:01 PM - Cooper enjoys hovering at dinner. He awaits morsels patiently, though usually in vain. So far we have been able to prevent feeding from the table. I am sure it is only a matter of time. Sit, doggy! I snap and you listen!

6:04 PM - Dinner is over, and while cleaning up I get her to do her latest trick: Blalah blalah blalah. Blalah blalah blalah.

6:27 PM - Bath time is over and we are ready to head upstairs. First, we need to read some books. Tonight that meant ripping them. Joy. How many books can I get out before I have to go to bed? One, two, one-hundred-ten!

7:37 PM - Now both children are in their beds. Ah, peace.

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Brianne said...

She is starting to look so grown up! Love the sunglasses pic.

BU said...

When Ella visited, she used to pull out every DVD in my collection in the space of a minute or two.

Polt said...

Hehehe, loved the last photo. Like he's saying "Put the camera away, this is MY time now." :)


Britney said...

Oh, I loved this post. I hope she will self-entertain (or that Cooper will step up! :) ) so that we get more of these.

Dogeared said...

Those sunglasses are so cool! It's a great desktop photo :D

Chris said...

I can almost hear the relief when the kids are in bed :)

Nice 12!