May 22, 2009

Ten Months

Señorita Clementina,

On March 29th, you turned ten months old.

You still absolutely love your finger; it is a great soother to you any old time, even when you are busy eating as in the photo above. This habit makes for a rather messy experience in the highchair, but there's no stopping you.

Your Guga came to visit this month and we took you to the Rodeo. You got to check out the petting zoo, where you stared at most of the animals as if they are from another planet. I guess for an itty bitty girl, everything new seems like it is out of this world.

You were not very certain about petting the pot-bellied pig as his hair was very coarse. You quite enjoyed the llama, however because you could grab hold of his hair quite easily. BU! would be very proud of you for your llama interest.

Guga bought you a cowgirl hat at the rodeo and the above photo was the best I could get in the 2.2 seconds that you allowed it to remain on your head. Had you not been in the jumperoo, I imagine the hat wouldn't even have lasted that long.

A friend of ours loaned us the jumperoo, and boy do you enjoy it. I place you in there and you investigate the toys on it for a bit and then, with a prompting "Jump!" from someone, you go to town! You squeal and you cackle and you express your delight while seemingly attempting to dislodge the seat from the bars.

You certainly like to jump.

Another new experience this month was the swing at the playground. I waited until a day when your Dad had a workshop and could get home early enough to assist you. Initially, you liked it just because you could sit in it much like you do in your Bjorn. Just that was enough to make you expect good things out of it. Then we began to let you sway back and forth, and oh how the legs began to kick! You especially enjoy swinging if we get down low so that you can "get" us on your way back and forth.

Your Dad had a conference in the city this month, so the three of us went to the hotel to stay for a couple of days. Apparently your teeth were giving you a tad bit of grief as you kept your tongue in your bottom lip like this for much of our time there. It is not very becoming, so hopefully with subsequent teeth you'll go for another look.

I managed to get you into the pool when we were at the hotel, and boy do you love water. I knew you enjoyed it from your bath; you always open your mouth when I rinse you off with the hose as if that simple act will ensure that some of it gets into your mouth.

In the pool, however, you came to the realization that you could do much more to impact the water. You could splash with your hands and lean over to literally drink it if you so choose. While I was able to prevent this for the most part, it did have some carry-over to your bath afterward.

It was the first time I had given you a bath in an actual bathtub and with the combined knowledge of your experience in the pool and your ability to move, you were quite a handful. You wanted to crawl from one end of the tub to the other and do as much to the water as possible. Unfortunately, you were very unaware of the slippery nature of bathtubs filled with water, and your efforts were mostly in vain.

You may have become mobile last month, but this month you have taken it to the max. Before I get into the details, I have to point out that in the above photo, and any time you are making a similar look, you look so very much like your Daddy. Most of the time you resemble me, but when you look at us this way, your Dad appears.

Getting back to the mobility: you are an explorer extraordinaire. Not so much in that you explore things, but rather you explore your movement. While Cooper was very interesting to you last month due to his entertaining nature, you could really care less this go around. You still investigate him a bit, but you are quickly done with him and are moving on to...moving on.

You have this special route you take in the living room. You begin with Cooper's bed (above). You insist on crawling over/through it, which is not easy considering you are still on your belly. I love how you manage to get your monkey toes onto his ball while attempting to take over his bed.

While the move over the bed forces you to push up onto your hands somewhat, you still refuse to do so permanently.

This particular section of your trek is extremely tiring, and you always have to take a short break before continuing on.

Once you've rested for all of about five seconds, you set your sights on your exersaucer. Oh, yes, it is a fabulous place to be.

Your goal is to get under the thing. You are usually distracted by the bells and whistles, in the form of tags and seats.

You occasionally stick your tongue out in concentration, a habit which your uncle and I can attest comes directly from your Guga.

Once you are done with your exersaucer, you concentrate on moving out of it to whatever goodies you can see. This time, it was your little seat.

Then, of course, you noticed me and the camera, and you lost your footing a bit. Not that it slowed you down; you are quite hard-headed in more ways than one.

A very good example of that is the way in which you wrestle with your toys. You pick up the piano and roll over with it. More than once you have managed to drop it right on your noggin and it doesn't even begin to phase you.

You very much enjoy the rough stuff, which is a good thing. You love it when your Dad throws you in the air. Not so much when you land on his glasses.

You've been sitting in the highchairs at the restaurants and in the basket at the grocery store. You enjoy this new vantage point, and when you get tired you lean your head all the way back and wheeze at the ceiling in delight.

We took you to Pei Wei for the first time this month and you managed to chew on the table. Yeah. Apparently it made you very happy. At this point, you have three teeth still, but the only one we occasionally see is the one on top. We'll just have to call you fang for awhile.

You're still a good eater in that you will eat anything I give you. You also enjoy it when I give you the spoon to chew on when you are finished. It is the only time you make the face seen above.

I imagine we will be seeing many new faces in the future because I think you'll be developing new skills very soon. I say this because it was on your ten month birthday that you decided to crawl on your hands and knees. For reals. In our bathroom. Apparently the tile floor is best for crawling. Backwards, but crawling is crawling.



Britney said...

Oh, you just made my (previously trying) day! I love the little spock ears on her in the last photo! So cute!
I can almost hear her cute little giggle looking at how happy she is in the photos.
Looking forward to more posts soon! :)

Brianne said...

Aw, she's so cute.

Paula said...

I love reading and hearing about your precious daughter. I look and am so excited when I see a post. Take care