February 22, 2009

This Week Just Went from Bad to Worse

Those of you who know Rocket Man are well aware of his athletic...um...shortcomings. Most notable is his lack of coordination when it comes to throwing objects to a desired location. Luckily, these objects are usually Cooperchewlones toys.

Unluckily, for the Cowboy Chicken, this means he gets a rather up-close and personal experience with a unique tanning bed for cowboy chickens:

Just in case you aren't aware, the location of this lovely lamp is quite a dangerous one:

All in all, this makes for a rather crazed Lones:

Fortunately for all involved, things ended well. I was able to use my depleted baby brains to come up with a way to get that thing outta there.

A golf club.

Hey, at least they finally got some use!

1 comment:

Jenky said...

Seriously, did he get ANY athletic genes? The days of sinking threes on the basketball hoop at home are long gone. Unless of course he intended to hit the fixture, in which case all is well.