June 13, 2007

June 12 of 12

It has been a while since my last post. I can't say that I have been particularly busy since May 12th, but for one reason or another, I just cannot seem to get it together to post anything. It is not a lack of information or ideas, but a lack of motivation. I am awaiting its return so that I can do a decent job of this blogging thing. Until then, I provide the latest 12 of 12. To see the rules as well as what other people all over the world are doing today, check out Chad's blog.

9:40; Sotogrande, Spain

First thing after dropping Señor CC at work this morning I donned these lovely items and went for a run. Today I did the Paseo del Parque circuit; I am guessing that my legs shall be tired tomorrow because of the hills.

9:45; Sotogrande, Spain

Chompy-lones and I were attempting to play with shoe last night when the unthinkable occurred. Yes, the poor thing is ripped in two. I am not sure which end Cooper prefers as I did not throw it afterward. I searched high and low and finally beneath a chair to find shoe-two. Luckily he is only a doggy - as long as there is a shoe to play with all is well in his world.

12:04; Sotogrande, Spain

I spent some time going through my scrapbook items. I chose to begin with "Christmas 2005" since that is fairly thematic and will provide me with lots of pages (we did go see everyone that year). I have cut all of the photos and arranged them into appropriate pages. There will be 19 in all. Yes, nineteen...

12:05; Sotogrande, Spain

What does a lones do while one is working on photographs and ribbons? Why, he rests, of course! He has been making a trek to his night-time bed for naps during the day lately. I believe it has something to do with the neighbor-dog who cries all day long. No exaggeration.

12:49; Sotogrande, Spain

Once I felt crafty with the scrapbook items I decided to take it another step and try out my new long knitting needles (THANKS, MOM!). They are nice indeed; smooth enough to slip in the loops easily, but not so slippery that stitches attempt to make their escape. I knit, then took it apart, then knit once again, then took it apart, and finally knit to leave it in and make something...I hope.

13:40; Sotogrande, Spain

In the midst of the knitting and taking apart-ness that was my afternoon, I may have spent some time online looking at some options for a European vacation of sorts. Yes, it is a package tour. Yes, I live here and totally should just be planning it myself - I agree with you on that point. However. Oh yes, there is one of those! I would be going on this trip by myself. I would rather go with someone, and the best way is to go with a group and let someone else take care of the planning for once. I want to see eastern or central Europe...the brochures are in the mail!

17:56; Sotogrande, Spain

Okey dokey. So now I am obviously back to the knitting - towards the end of it all, actually. I simply cannot knit, cross-stitch, etc. without something else going on. Well, that isn't totally true. I can on occasion, but usually I like to have something in the background. What is better than some Scrubs? "Oh, and by the way - Bob...who doesn't get that?"

18:36; Sotogrande, Spain

I am on my way to pick up Señor CC so that we can meet his friend and visit the bike shops in La Línea. I was asked to be there by 19:00; he wasn't ready until about 20:00. Good times.

19:10; La Línea, Spain

After a quick call to Señor CC to let him know I had arrived...and an equally quick realization that it would be a while, I decided to take advantage of the extra time and take some photos. Today was a lovely day and fairly clear; we could see Africa quite well. I attempted to capture the view of the continent but was not particularly successful because I did not have my zoom lens with me. I was fortunate enough to catch these two surfing in the beautiful blue-green waters of the bay this afternoon.

19:13; La Línea, Spain

Round-abouts are hit-or-miss in Spain. Sometimes they have been decorated and sometimes they have not. Luckily for me, on the road that hugs the bay they are done up quite well. One of my favorites has this shiny sailboat in it.

19:59; La Línea, Spain

We finally made it over to the parking garage, complete with little red and green lights that indicate whether or not a space is free. Our friends were there to greet us and show us to the bike shops. We did a bit of looking, I managed to confuse the poor guy who worked there by mutilating some español, and then we scheduled a visit for Thursday.

20:02; La Línea, Spain

Every town or city I have visited in Spain seems to be full of lovely secrets such as this one. Usually I am walking through the streets where all appears to be like any (albeit old) city when I stumble upon a plaza or park. It makes exploring the best approach to any location, and the result has always been delightful.

22:10; La Línea, Spain

We dined at Moltobella restaurant, a member of the Grupo Patagonia. The food and company was fabulous. The translation on the English-language menu left a little to be desired in the accuracy area but more than made up for it in sheer entertainment. Savage Mushrooms were on the menu as were Turkey Buckets. I had the buckets and I must say that I certainly didn't taste anything fowl; rather, it was quite delicious and I highly recommend it.


BU said...

It's so easy to blow through an entire season of Scrubs! I'm guilty of finishing season 5 in three days...

Anonymous said...

Great pics as usual! I always love your scenic ones!!

CondoBlogger said...

You were bold to go with the turkey buckets! Then again... a turkey bucket sounds much more appealing than a sea fruit.

Dogeared said...

"We used to call him ol' Chickenneck..." lol - I love "Scrubs" too!

I've been to Budapest and Warsaw - I definitely preferred Budapest, of the two. It's easily a thing you could book yourself, I used Wizzair to fly from London to Warsaw, then a few days later, from Warsaw to Budapest (I flew back to London with Easyjet though).

Wizzair, I couldn't fault at all. Brilliant. I used Hostelworld to book the accommodation.

I'd recommend the website group www.inyourpocket.com for things to see and do, places to eat, general information etc, about Eastern Europe. They have pages on Warsaw and Budapest.

Zippy said...

The coastline photos are beautiful, as is the fountain! What on earth is a turkey bucket??! Ha!


Bego said...

Why should turkey buckets get all the attention when there's a sleepy-pup in town?

I absolutely LOVE the coastal shots. You always have beautiful or clever photos.

Elaine said...

Is turkey bucket a PC way of saying turkey a$$? LOL. That view of Africa and the blue water was absolutely breathtaking! I hope you find a race near you!

Liz said...

Yay for knitting! I always think, "Maybe I should buy pretty/expensive needles," but then I also always end up with Susan Bates. I have a whole needle case full of those gray matte metal ones, and I love them. :) Also, Scrubs is such ideal knitting TV! Good choice.

Gorgeous beach shot! I wanna go where you live!

Andy E said...

It looks so beautiful over there in spain. Especially as it still so sunny late in the day.

Much better than our current rainy weather.

Oh and I couldn;t help but chuckle after seeing the shoe so neatly disected.

Abby said...

It's so beautiful there in Spain. I plan to vacation there one of these days to see where my ancestors came from. And you're lucky that Europe isn't that far from you either because I wanna vacation there too!

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos! And your sleepy pooch is adorable. :)

wandering-woman said...

I just wanted to thank you for the link! I'll return the favor whenever I make it back to my own poor untended blog: I too love your photos, and I have to tell you the city of Cádiz and the sierra of Cádiz are two of my favorite places in Spain, and ¡qué envidia! you live there!

Erin (wandering-woman, way up in Salamanca)

Ive said...

Nice pics!! :D

Spain is so beautiful, maybe i will move to Madrid next year.

Scrubs is like a drug!! i watched 5th season in only 2 days!

FrauP said...

Dear CC,
in case you are planning on travelling to Germany especially Bavaria don't hestitate to contact me. I would enjoy helping to plan your trip.


PS: Thanks for your kind words concerning my Dad. He is much better now.

catie said...

The view of Africa is amazing.
I am intrigued that the mushrooms with the turkey buckets are sauteed in jam.

Señora CC said...

Thanks for all of the comments this month everyone! Now I know - scrubs, odd-ball language (mis)translations and Africa will garner lots of attention.
I believe I need to clarify that the photo of the surfers has a background of the Rock of Gibraltar, not Africa. You can see both very well on a day such as June 12th and the Rock is made of the same land as Africa - it broke off of that continent, not Europe - but I didn't have my zoom lens, so I made do with Gib.
I highly recommend travels and/or living in southern Spain - especially the coast!
See everyone next month - or sooner if you please!
~ CC