April 13, 2007

April 12 of 12

K-Ray is in town.

We are bzzy bzzy beezzzz.

We traveled to Jerez de la Frontera to see the horses dance this morning. I may have pretty much forgotten about the fact that it was the 12th today..and therefore I leave you with the following:

10:29; Jerez, Spain
A pretty tree

10:29; Jerez, Spain
Another shot of that tree.

10:30; Jerez, Spain
Yet again, the tree...this time, a leaf or two.

10:30; Jerez, Spain
The lovely museum building

10:30; Jerez, Spain
The lovely fountain.

10:30; Jerez, Spain
The lovely performance hall.

10:32; Jerez, Spain
Spanish ladies talking with their whole bodies.

16:39; Sotogrande, Spain
BU! reminds me that it is, in fact, the 12th.

16:39; Sotogrande, Spain
Baggage report...ugh...called to check on K-Ray's missing bags...

16:39; Sotogrande, Spain
Laundry to make it through the next couple of days (Sevilla here we come!).

16:40; Sotogrande, Spain
Doggy Fantastic wants to play...again.

19:14; Pueblo Nuevo, Spain
Also counts as Bonus Picture
My word was limitation; make of it what you will...


Anonymous said...

Nice! As always, the dog is adorable!! :)

Bec said...

What a beautiful tree! What fun to see some of Spain, I've never been there. Yum, Sangria...

Becca -12 of 12er

CondoBlogger said...

Wonderful shots! Spain just looks AMAZING! The pic of the ladies talking was very cool, total slice of life! Doggie Fantastic looks very cool too, you can totally see the "play now?" look in his eyes!

Pete said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Zippy said...

Wow - Spain is truly gorgeous! And I loved the photo of the women talking - that is just fabulous!

As well as Doggie Fantastic - he looks like a big stuffed animal!!


Lipp said...

Great Doggy pic! I wanna play!