October 13, 2006

October 12 of 12

Ahhhh - another month has passed and it is time once again for 12 of 12. This lovely post idea comes from the mind of Chad Darnell. Señor CC and I had family visiting us in Spain this week, and today was their day to fly home. I know, I know! You, like me, are so very excited at the possibility of visiting the airport. Doesn't everyone love that place?

M&M arrived Saturday evening, and Travel Drama was in its element. Apparently, it enjoys following M&M around on their many adventures. We told Travel Drama that if it could fit into our tiny european car with all of us and the luggage, then it may indeed come along.

Yes, we did.

Yes, it did.

This is a story for another day. For now, I shall leave you with today's 12 of 12:

6:29; Sotogrande, Spain

Here it is. The bag that met all of the requirements. Goes over my shoulder and across my body? Check. Main large compartment zips shut? Check. Will hold mighty camera and purse-like objects without looking like it holds mighty camera and purse-like objects? Check. Colors, etc. that I can live with and that won't get all dirty? Check.

6:35; Sotogrande, Spain

Tuesday we traveled to Seville, the land of flamenco and feria. These beauties were on sale all over the place. What are they? Why, they look like little flamenco dresses for wee-ones. Almost. They are for wee-ones; however, they are not full dresses, but aprons. What fun! So many uses. Can learn to cook in fun fluffy dress, or can play dress-up with your colourful dotted costume. We shall see if the wee-ones themselves see it this way.

7:13; Sotogrande, Spain

My doggy appears to have a problem. Yes, we are getting him help. There has been an intervention. My doggy sniffs bugs.

7:28; Sotogrande, Spain

I know what you are doing. I see that their bags are packed; they're ready to go. No I WILL NOT sing. I will not look at you either. I will ignore you and hope that I get to come along or that you all stay. Stay. HEY, STAY HERE!!!

7:33; Sotogrande, Spain

Hooray for the Nissan Note! All of the luggage fits, a little snugly, in the back end of the car! Woo Hoo for tiny european trunks. Gotta love the orange...goes well with all of that maroon I wear...

7:55; La Línea, Spain

We all say goodbye to Señor CC when we drop him off at work. This street sweeper was sitting there waiting for its daily poke through the town. The streets in Spain are the cleanest I have seen anywhere.

10:08; Málaga, Spain

After dealing with that Travel Drama just.one.more.time, M&M are checked in and on their way. This is what the Málaga airport looks like at 10 on a Thursday morning. It is a very busy airport most of the time.

10:09; Málaga, Spain

Here is the front of Terminal Two. This terminal handles all check-ins and 90% of the arrivals. This is just about the only view where you cannot see all of the construction going on to enlarge the facilities.

11:51; Sotogrande, Spain

I don't really know yet what, if anything, goes on over here for Halloween. I am suspecting that many tricks are carried out by the local bird community. I do know that there is SOMETHING in our chimney and that it is tormenting our doggy-chomp to pieces. A ghost? A zombie? An over-sized spider? Or...oh, my...another stinking BIRD?!?!?!?

13:00; Sotogrande, Spain

I take a break on this clear day (you could see Gibraltar and Africa from Marbella - quite a long ways) and enjoy the river view from the terrace.

13:01; Sotogrande, Spain

Soon chompy-lones realizes that I am not "working" and asks me to play. With this...his so-called "bestest of the bestest fantabulous toys in the whole ginormous universe"...he IS just a doggy. And it still squuueeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkksssss. So...yay.

14:07; Sotogrande, Spain

Last one: working on the pictures for this version of 12 of 12. Maybe I'll actually submit it before the day is done. We'll see if blogger cooperates or not!

Over the last few days we all travelled to Ronda, Seville, Tarifa, Gibraltar, and of course did some interesting things in-between. I am sure that I will write about it all soon. For now, I have more laundry and then a possible nap to take care of. Yes, me tired. Enjoy your 12th, and check out all of the others over at Chad's. Hasta luego.


beth said...

Very nice! Thanks for doing it. :)

Bego said...

is that a virginia tech sweatshirt? I thought for a moment it might have been the good tech, I mean Ga Tech /smile/

I love your doggy and your view.

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog! Rrrrrufff!

I love the dogs with the curly soft fur like he has. I love all dogs, but you know ;-)

Helen (12 of 12er too)

Zippy said...

Awesome!! Spain sure is beautiful - as well as your lovely doggie!


Bonnie said...

Gorgeous pics! I was sure that was a Georgia Tech shirt too. Hee!

Love the puppy and the stunning sights in Spain. Awesome!

See you again next month!